Special synchronizing tools

tips for synchronizing tools;

1. add a small section of rubber tubing to the proper size slotted screwdriver with a few short slits to hold access port screws when removing or installing them on inline fours or others that are difficult to reach.

2.add a small light to your carb sync tool to aid in seeing .

3. modify bits for different carburetors. add a small spring or tube to help in aligning bit with screw in difficult to reach areas.

General steps for synchronizing your carburetors;

4. Adjust valves first,replace spark plugs and check the plug caps are in good condition electrically( resistance check), set ignition timing preferably with a timing light (dynamic). warm engine up and then take vac reading. You want to equalize the carbs within 2″ of Hg and less is better and not difficult to achieve. after an adjustment it is good to snap throttle and shutting engine off to fully open and let snap back is a good idea. Proper sync readings for engine is approximately 20″Hg.

5. Once done keep the vac hoses hooked up and adjust your idle airscrews(air box side) or idle mixture screw ( engine side) . Adjust the screws to factory settings for stock machines and then  move from there to attain highest vac readings.

DSC00502We had  to fabricate  another special tool for carburetor synchronizing .  K&L, Kawasaki and Honda tools work well but will not work on all machines so we had to make others as needed.



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