Cylinder head finishing


Gasket material removed and surface checked/cleaned on a surface plate using crocus cloth and mineral spirits .


Inspection check of valve and seat sealing using a vacuum pump.


Gasket removal

Gasket removale

Cleaning gasket surfaces using 3m disc,razor blade,x-acto knifes and Arkansas stone.3m cleaning disc’s come in different sizes,shapes and grits. i have found it easiest to use on a 90 degree high speed grinder using light pressure and being careful not to overdo it. stop once gasket material is gone. (lower photo) Using a Arkansas stone lubricated with mineral spirits to lightly touch up,clean or de-burr rough edges of a surface. It is best to use the finest grit stone possible to accomplish the job while using light even strokes. Most aluminum surfaces are fairly soft so you have to be careful and use good quality tools and equipment.

Modified brushes for cleaning………


A few more items…acid brush bristles cut short so it cleans better ,scotch pad added to end of acid brush ,small wood handle brush cut down the middle to fit it tight spots.(all items in photo are older and have seen a lot of use)

DSC00561Ever need a specialty brush to clean small area’s since a cut down acid brush does not do an adequate job. the large brushes are plentiful and inexpensive and will yield many of the small brushes. all you have to do is pull out the individual wire assembly which is basically a folded section of multiple strands held together with a small staple. Install it in the end of an acid brush and crimp it with a pair of pliers or dykes cutters(side cutters).

Triton rear sets


Foot peg brackets cut from square tubing.
round tubing is inner and outer bushing for brake pivot.



DSC00560 Bolt machined down and welded to peg bracket.
Brake pivots on inner bushing that is a slip fit to outer tube.
Brake pedal end is aluminum with a threaded stud running through it and steel end fitting.
Stainless deflector plate because were running an open belt primary.


Aluminum brake adjuster.


Hole locator tool made to position peg at a slight incline.