Honda cb350

Honda cb350

Partial restoration of cb350


Gaitor straps

Gaitor straps

We have been making these all stainless windup type gaitor straps for several years. They add a nice finishing touch to your cafe racer, bobber or stock bike .

alternate hardware locking

alternate hardware locking

when installing a belt drive on some modern machines the manufacture depends on locking agent only and discards the standard lock tab washer which i believe is not only unsafe but poor engineering. We drilled both nut and bolt and safety wired to prevent the nut from backing off.

valve seats


older style stone with holders along side more modern carbide cutters. pilot and spring along with suction type lapping tool and prussion blue shown on bench.


adjustable stone dresser. used to clean up existing angle of a stone or grind a specific angle.


grinding seat. pilot installed in guide, then a bounce spring added and then the holder with stone which is driven by the electric sioux motor.


One method to test the seat/valve sealing is to first add enough mineral spirits to cover the seating junction while holding the valve down with light pressure and apply high pressure air with a blow gun either in the intake or exhaust port and direct it around the seat/valve seal area. Any leak shows up as bubbles and will require additional work.


assembled testing using a vacuum pump.

spray can tube

spray can tube

A good way to taper a plastic tip for your favorite cleaner or solvent is to turn on bench grinder for a second(or two) and then with very light pressure spin the tube between your fingers and grind the taper you need…great for contact, brake or carburetor cleaners so you can concentrate the spray while cleaning or checking carburetors circuits, jets, passages,orifices ,etc. Favorite Cleaners;  o’reillys brake cleaner ,then berry mans carb cleaner.  o’reillys brake cleaner removes carburetor build up and varnish as good or better than any other spray carburetor cleaner in my opinion and usually less money.  If you are spraying a lot of the cleaner(s) you can catch them in a pan and then pour it in a container for later use either to dip parts in or put on a rag to clean with.One last thing, keep these cleaners off you and plastic parts since it can effect both!

Timing a magneto to engine

Timing a magneto to engine

degree wheel mounted on crankshaft and piston set at top dead center using a degree wheel and dial indicator(not shown). rotating the crankshaft c/w and then ccw to find the center and then setting degree wheel to that point. with the head on a piston stop will be used to set degree wheel at true top dead center. this engine is equipped with a automatic advance unit (aau) and will need blocked to full advance position. the magneto drive gear itself is loose on the shaft at this time and will be locked down once magneto is set to proper position (37degree) with points just opening. rotating the crankshaft backwards past the point of timing and then forward to 37 degree(to remove gear lash). DSC00640

.001 plastic installed to check when points separate.  magneto set into position and then gear locked down on shaft. recheck timing to confirm.
.001 plastic installed to check when points separate. magneto set into position and then gear locked down on shaft. recheck timing to confirm.