spray can tube

spray can tube

A good way to taper a plastic tip for your favorite cleaner or solvent is to turn on bench grinder for a second(or two) and then with very light pressure spin the tube between your fingers and grind the taper you need…great for contact, brake or carburetor cleaners so you can concentrate the spray while cleaning or checking carburetors circuits, jets, passages,orifices ,etc. Favorite Cleaners;  o’reillys brake cleaner ,then berry mans carb cleaner.  o’reillys brake cleaner removes carburetor build up and varnish as good or better than any other spray carburetor cleaner in my opinion and usually less money.  If you are spraying a lot of the cleaner(s) you can catch them in a pan and then pour it in a container for later use either to dip parts in or put on a rag to clean with.One last thing, keep these cleaners off you and plastic parts since it can effect both!


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