Rattle can paint Trick

Rattle can paint tip

When using rattle can paint on small parts (we all do it at times) here is an old trick used by modelers . heat the can either in a tub of hot water or with a heat gun. make sure you monitor it carefully ,rotate and move gun up and down can, also shake before and during paint.CAUTION: You can blow the ends if you overheat it and can be hurt or make a mess so be careful!!  Heat slowly about 6 to 8 inches from the can  and only until it is warm not hot! leave the cap on too and if it gets too hot you will usually see the top pop (yes i have done it- never exploded one but possibility is there!) Spray first coat light and then the next one or two coats full coverage. And of course once done flip can upside down and spray to clear tube and nozzle , then wipe face of nozzle. You will be amazed at how well the paint flows and how fine it sprays…


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