Brackets for AJS gas tank


Part of a press brake used to make up brackets to clamp on gas tank

pressed into shape

pressed into shape



Finished gas tank brackets


Carburetor tool

 Synchronizing tool

Used on 2 strokes to set up carburetors

Gauge Can opener ( bezel de- crimper)

gauge tool

photo shows gauge needle held off stop with tooth pick under needle until paint dries so it will not stick to stop wire. once cleaned up and assembled the gauge is put into a fixture and recrimped on the lathe using a roller bearing built into a fixture that i posted in the past…(february 2013)

Can opener (gauge bezel de- crimper)

This is the final version of the tool to open bezels on crimped gauges. this gauge was opened in less than a minute and no damage to gauge housing. the t handle gives it the power to spread it easily and the channeled and radius end fit so it does not slip.